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Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)


Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

In order to take advantage of the Emergency Broadband Benefits Program, there are several steps which must be completed by you, then verified by Troy Cable. The steps are listed below:

1. Go online to https://acpbenefit.org/ and apply Affordable Connectivity Program (up to $30.00) discounts. You can reach them by phone at 877-384-2575 for assistance. This site is controlled by USAC and the FCC; Troy Cable does not maintain or have access to this site.

2. Once you have completed the verification process through acpbenefit.org, please go to join.troycable.net. Here, you will enter the home address for where the service/discounts were qualified, and then select "Affordable Connectivity Program'' in the "Select Market" dropdown, as seen below. Complete all forms and selections found here. The name, address, and contact information entered into this system MUST match exactly what was entered into acpbenefit.org. You will need your full application ID from ACP. (Example: Q12345-12345) *** For existing customers, if you are experiencing issues, please choose "New Registration;" new and existing customers will need to choose their internet plan of choice. This will not result in a secondary monthly internet charge.



3. After this has been submitted, you will then receive an email that has additional forms that must be signed and returned. *** We are unable to proceed to the next step without these signed forms! ***

4. Upon receipt of the signed forms, Troy Cable will verify eligibility via the mandated
process with the governing agencies. There could be delays in this process depending
upon the governing agencies' backlog.

5. Once eligibility is verified, Troy Cable will automatically apply discounts to existing
customer accounts or reach out to new customers to arrange for installation.
*New customers will be responsible for all installation fees, equipment costs, and the remaining balance of the first month's service upfront, required before we can proceed with scheduling the installation. Valid photo ID is required. All accounts under this program are still required to pay any monthly monies owed
beyond what the discount covers and are subject to disconnect for non-payment. For assistance, please email us at acpprogram@troycable.com.

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