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Connecting Your Equipment


The set-top boxes provide two video options for connecting to your TV: HDMI and Composite Video. The recommended method is HDMI. 

If your TV has and HDMI connection, use an HDMI cable and connect the set-top box HDMI port to the HDMI INPUT on your TV. Note: TV’s usually have multiple HDMI Inputs. Please ensure your TV is set to the correct INPUT. If you plugged the set-top box into the HDMI INPUT #1, your TV must be tuned to the HDMI INPUT #1 in order to see the output of the set-top box. 

The HDMI connection provides both video and audio so you don’t need a separate audio connection. However, if your TV is connected to any A/V Receiver that supports Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, use a digital audio cable (sold separately) to connect the set-top box optical port to the OPTICAL AUDIO IN port of the A/V Receiver.

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