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What is IPTV?


The IPTV platform provides cable television service through a set-top box connected to your TV. Every TV must have a set-top box connected to it in order to receive the cable signal. 

Every set-top box is connected to our reliable network using a combination of Ethernet cables and/or Coax cables. It is important to not disconnect any Ethernet or Coax cables in your home as they were connected in a specific way during your install. Disconnecting one set-top box could cause ALL of your set-top boxes to stop working. Please call our Helpdesk if you need to make changes to your home’s wiring configuration. 

The IPTV platform provides all High Definition service. Every channel we receive in High Definition is delivered to you in HD.

The system provides “Whole-Home DVR” (if you subscribed to DVR service). This means you’ll have one set-top box that is the server, and it provides recording and playback capability to every room, without the need for multiple DVR units. This allows up to 6 simultaneous recordings/playbacks at one time, and capacity for 250+ hours of recordings.

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