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TV will come on but not the set-top box


When programmed to your TV, the remote will power on both the TV and the set-top box. There is a one second delay in sending the signals to each device. Make sure you point your remote directly at the TV and STB and hold it there for one full second when powering your devices on or off.


If the two devices get out of sync, press the white TV button at the top of the remote, then press the BLUE power button to power on or off the TV ONLY. Remember to press the white STB button when finished to be able to operate the set-top box. You will not be able to display the Guide or change channels while the remote is in TV ONLY mode.


The set-top box will have a light on the front which indicates whether the box is on or off. The light will illuminate RED when the box is off and BLUE when it is ON. If the light changes from BLUE to RED when your TV comes on, then the devices are out of sync. Use the TV mode to turn the TV off, then switch back to STB mode, and press the power button and both devices should power on.


If the remote is in STB mode, and the power button will not get the set-top box to change the lights from RED to BLUE, you may need to power cycle the set-top box. Unplug the power cord from the back of the box and wait 10 seconds before plugging back in. The box will power on and complete the boot-up process.


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