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Using Your watchTVeverywhere Account - Connected Device


Now that you've created your watchTVeverywhere account, it's time to use it!  How you use it is up to you--you can watch on your phone or tablet via an app, watch online with your computer, watch through your smart TV, or watch with a device connected to your tv.

Regardless of how you watch your chosen shows, you will need to link your account.  Here's an example of using watchTVeverywhere with a connected device:


On TV using connected Fire TV:

The first step I had to take was downloading the TLC Go app onto my Fire TV.  After I downloaded in and attempted to watch a show, I was informed with a message on the screen that I needed to activate my account.  Please note: This step will not be required each time you use the service, but may be necessary more than once, especially if the service hasn't been used recently.





Following the directions on the screen, I accessed the website and entered the code shown on the screen.  (I did this on a cell phone, but this could have been completed on a tablet or computer the same way.)





After inputting the activation code, I was automatically directed to this screen.  Log in using the email address and password that was used when you registered for your watchTVeverywhere account. 




After linking the account, I saw this message--I was ready to watch the available shows through the app on my TV!








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