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My IPTV displays "No Signal"


If your TV only shows a black screen with text saying "No Signal", this means that your TV is not receiving a signal from the IPTV set-top box. 

First, verify that your IPTV box is powered on. All Entone or Amino boxes have a light on the front of the box that will be BLUE if powered ON and RED if powered OFF.

If the light on your box is BLUE, then your TV is most likely set on the wrong input. Most TVs have multiple HDMI inputs, so you need to select the correct input that your IPTV set-top box is connected to in order to see the video. 

If the light on your box is RED, then press the BLUE power button at the top of the IPTV remote. You should see the light change from RED to BLUE and you should now see video.

If your TV turned off when you pressed the power button on the IPTV remote, then verify if the light on the box is BLUE. If it is, then your box is ON but the TV turned OFF and the two devices are not in sync. To correct this, put the remote into TV ONLY mode by pressing the WHITE button at the top of the remote for "TV", and press the power button. This should have powered on the TV, and you should see video. Now press the WHITE button at the top of the remote for "STB" to allow the remote to control both the set-top box and the TV.


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