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Register for watchTVeverywhere


To register for your Watch TV Everywhere account, you will need your account number.  We recommend having a copy of your bill handy.

To begin, access the website www.watchtveverywhere.com through via any internet browser.  On the first screen, click on the drop down menu to select Troy Cablevision, Inc.




Once you’ve chosen Troy Cablevision as your provider, you will automatically be redirected to this screen.  To create your new account with watchTVeverywhere, click on “Register.”



Fill out the required information, starting with your account number.  Feel free to use any email to which you have regular access-you are not required to use a troycable.net email address.   **PLEASE NOTE: On your statement, it appears as a 9 digit number, 000-123456.  However, when registering for the site, use ONLY the last 6 digits (123456) of your account number.



Once you have completed filling in the required information, click to confirm you are not a robot and then click on “Submit.”




Upon submitting the information, you will see this notice.  If you are the account holder and over the age of 18, click “Create Account.”  If you need to stop the process at this point, you can click on “Cancel.”




This message states that watchTVeverywhere has created your account and has sent an email to the email address which you provided.  To proceed, you do need to go to that email account and click on the activation link included.




After you’ve clicked on the activation link provided to your email address, you will see the message below.  Congratulations, you have successfully established your account with watchTVeverywhere! From here, you can click on “Log In” to access your account.  If you choose “Home,” you will return to the initial login/registration screen.








Enter in your email address and password you created for the watchTVeverywhere account and click on “Login.”




Now, you can see the channels to which you have online access!  You will only have access to those channels that are both included with watchTVeverywhere and your current subscription with Troy Cablevision.  ESPN3 is only available to those with an active internet subscription.




The next step is up to you!  You can now download the apps for the channels of your choice or go online to their individual websites.  They will ask you to link your account with their site to your watchTVeverywhere account-it’s easy! Just supply your email address and password, and you’ve got access to their online content.  Watch and enjoy!

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