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No Sound on certain channels or Audio in foreign language


If you are experiencing issues with your audio on certain channels or suddenly your channels audio is in a foreign language, SAP is usually the culprit. So below are steps to turn off or disable this feature so you can enjoy your favorite show without further interruption!

  •  Locate your television's remote control that came with the unit
  • Find a button labeled either MTS or SAP and press it once. This will toggle SAP on and off.
  • If there is not a SAP or MTS button on your remote, you will need to adjust the audio type in your TV's menu options. Note: If you are having trouble locating these options, consult your TV manufacturer's website or support documentation for instruction.
  •  Turn you audio mode from "SAP" or "Mono" to "Stereo"
  • Exit your TV's menu options at this point and the sound or language chosen should have resumed on the channel or channels that were affected

 If you are still having problems please call our HELPDESK at 334-770-HELP (4357) for additional assistance.

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