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Video Troubleshooting Checklist


If you are having issues with your TV or Video Services we are here to help!! Below is a basic checklist of things to check. If your issue is still present after following the steps below please call our Helpdesk at 334-770-HELP (4357) and one of our technicians will be happy to assist you.


  • The TV set is "on" and most likely set to Channel 3
  • The remote control batteries are good.
  • The power switch controlling electricity to the TV is "on." (If not, wait 20 minutes for the converter to reprogram once you turn the power back on.)
  • The switch on the television remote control or A/B switch device is in the "Cable" or "CATV" position and the switch on your VCR (if applicable) is in the "TV" position.
  • The power cords are connected and in good condition. Power is still on in other electrical devices. If not, there may be a temporary power interruption in your home.
  • The cable connectors in the back of the TV and digital box (if applicable) are securely tightened or plugged in.
  • The reception problem occurs on all channels. If it is on only one channel, it is likely a temporary station problem
  • If there is more than one cable outlet in the home, determine if the problem is on all TV sets. If not, the problem may be with the television and not the cable signal. No picture and no sound, check the power connections. If still no picture, it is most likely a TV set problem.
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