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Troy Cable / C Spire (AS13825) BGP Communities


Troy Cable / C Spire (AS13825) customer traffic flow control

AS13825 has instituted several BGP communities that allow customers greater control over their traffic flows.

Disclaimer: These are provided as best effort and not included with SLA.



These communities allow customers to prepend AS13825 on announcements to upstream exit points.

Community Description
13825:65501 prepend announcements to transit/peers 1x
13825:65502 prepend announcements to transit/peers 2x
13825:65503 prepend announcements to transit/peers 3x


Local Preference

These communities allow customers to alter the local preference of their prefixes within the AS13825 network.

Community Local-preference Description
default 120 customer
13825:65110 110 backup
13825:65100 100

peer level

13825:65090 90 transit level
13825:65070 70 last resort


Remote Trigger Black Hole

AS13825 accepts customer prefixes greater than or equal to /31 tagged with community 65535:666 to be marked as RTBH. This will trigger an automatic discard of traffic destined for that address as it enters AS13825.

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